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Alps Adventure Day 4

Hi Parents,

We started this day off with thunder, lightening, and pouring rain. This amazing weather was nice enough to gently wake us at five am. We were able to fall back asleep for a bit before waking up. For breakfast, Henry, Ben K and Emory made us all sorts of yummy foods. We then began our six hour hike of uphill only, crossing a bridge made by the Romans. We stopped for a moment to enjoy the views, where Luke asked the guides lots of questions about the scenery. Lauren, Evie, Michael and Izzy played a game of concentration, which is a game where you pick a category, and everyone says a word relating to said category until no one has any words left to say. Our category was countries, in which Michael was crowned champion. Lauren came in a close second. Tristan and Caleb had a conversation about Jiu Jistsu. Later on the trek, we spotted some “cows”(clearly government drones), and eventually sat down for lunch. Aslan and Max took photos while Ben K, experienced a true miracle. He’d lost his water bottle a few hours prior to, but right before we started moving again, a couple who had found the bottle, recognized Ben and returned it to him. We then took on more strenuous uphill, until finally reaching our mountain hut at an elevation of 2424 meters! But just before arriving, we saw a snow patch and decided we simply could not pass up an opportunity for a snowball fight. After finally settling down, the group played a game of Uno, which Ben S won. Dinner was soup with casserole, followed by everybody’s favorite dessert… chocolate cake. That was about it for the night, see you tomorrow!

Aslan, Luke, and Ben S

July 19

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