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Alps Adventure Day 3

Hey Parents!

Todays blog is written by Lauren, Caleb and Max. This was our last dat eating breakfast at the gite before out nine mile opening hike up the Tour du Mont Blanc. A delicious breakfast of fruits, cereal, yogurts and bread was prepared by Michael, Evie, and Payton. We then split off into two bus groups, one went to the base of the mountain first, enjoying chocolate croissants from a local bakery, while the other group went a half hour later and got to marvel at the gite for a little while longer. We then went up a cable car and got to appreciate magnificent views of the surrounding nature. Once at the top, we stopped for a quick group picture and began the official Tour du Mont Blanc! The hike started out on a dirt road, but soon started gaining elevation on the trail. We enjoyed panoramic views of the meadows, glaciers, and mountains. We then crossed a rope bridge hanging above a waterfall, where Lauren took lots of great pictures. Ben S, Michael, and Evie, led the group up and were the first to summit the mountain, before we started back down a steep, rocky switchback. We approached a picturesque village, where we had a great lunch set up by our cook crew. Luke and Caleb then took a refreshing dunk in the river, and we continued on the steep climb ahead. Once getting to the top, we were relieved to see a relatively flat section, before making our way down to the campsite. We set it up and Henry, Payton, and Max went to get some hiking poles while Ben S, Ben K, Aslan and Emory relaxed with some games of ping pong. We finished the day with a delicious dinner of pasta, chicken, and hotdogs made by Michael, Evie, and Payton, along with French chef Remy. We hope you enjoyed this entry, and that everything is great at home.

Lauren, Caleb, and Max


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