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Alps Adventure: Day 2

Hey parents!

Today’s blog is brought to you by Michael, Evie, and Payton. After waking up in a picturesque gite, we were treated to a marvelous breakfast of fruits, eggs, and cereal prepared by Caleb and Luke. We then played a game of Amoeba, from which Ben S emerged victorious, with Max coming in at a close second.

Afterwards, Izzy and Triston went over the exciting itinerary for the trip. Lauren, Caleb and Max prepared a mouth watering lunch of bread, spread, fruits and chocolate. We ate outside in the beautiful scenery, gazing at the snow covered mountain tops. We then spent some time playing capture the flag, where Aslan scored a goal, and Evie constantly rescued her team from jail.

Next we suited up for river rafting, though Payton did not love the wet suits. They proved to be useful however, with the river being a freezing four degrees Celsius. Ben K and Aslan bravely pioneered the front of one raft, while Luke sat at the front of another taking gorgeous pictures. Meanwhile, Henry and Emory fought valiantly in the Great Splash Wars. Later on, Michael and Evie decided to swim in the frigid rapids, forging a path for the others to do the same. Michael even dipped his head all the way in!

During the ride home, Max could not stop talking about the water in his river booties. We then met our terrific mountain guides, who will be leading us through the Tour du Mont Blanc over the next week. We concluded our day with an amazing dinner consisting of pasta and beef, followed up by ice cream. Bold Earth is off to a great start!


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