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Alps Adventure: Day 13 !

July 28th
Bonjour Parents,
You’ll see your semi-precious children soon. We woke to a delicious breakfast of the usual eggs and bread and the exciting addition of oatmeal, courtesy of Payton, Henry, and Aslan. After piling into one van full with six loud teenage boys, and the other with the kids capable of maintaining our driver’s sanity, we zoomed-zoomed on over to the rock climbing site. We started climbing an easier cliff, with Ben S and Luke leading the courageous efforts of the first climb. Evie and Payton were up to the challenge of belaying some of the heavier climbers, Aslan and Ben K. We moved to a harder cliff after getting used to some easier climbing, and conquered the steeper cliffs. We had a lunch of stuffed pitas back at the gite, and went off to get ready for the scavenger hunt. We trekked into town and split into teams of chicken, goose and dog. Armed with a list of questions and pictures to take, we scattered into the city. Ben S showed off his French skills by persuading a store clerk to help with the hunt. Henry took numerous dog photos. Luke reinforced his grandpa style by purchasing a sweater vest. Payton got distracted and pet a very cute dog, and Emory won her team points by taking pictures while Lauren’s camera magically died. Eventually, Team Goose, made up of Ben S, Evie, Henry, and Ben K, emerged victorious, winning the ultimate prize of a Toblerone. The rest received iconic Chamonix key chains and stickers. The group spent a little more time in town picking up last minute things. Lauren got a delicious cookies n cream ice cream cone. After returning we got ready to go out to the Italian restaurant Neapolis, that Michael helped the group choose. Everyone enjoyed pasta and pizza. Luke and Kaleb had a contemplative sit by the river looking at the mountains. On the way home, the group connected with their inner child by playing on the playground before heading into our last evening meeting. Au revoir!

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