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Alps Adventure: Day 12

Hellllloooooooo parentos,

This morning we woke up later than usual, at 7:30. Luke, Caleb and Evie had made us pancakes, though we soon realized the importance of spreads like syrup, butter and Nutella. Our lack of such spreads caused Izzy to have to go on an emergency shopping spree. While waiting for breakfast to be finished, Payton and Ben K played a card game.

After breakfast, we got picked up from our gite and were driven to a gondola, ready to start today’s adventure. Once arriving at the top, we put on harnesses, and were given a tutorial on the Via Ferrata. We were taught how to hook into the wire, and use the various ropes. After splitting up into three groups with the guides, we got started, scrambling up and traversing cliffs.

Michael was terrified the whole way through, but did not bail out at the exit points, making it to the end. Meanwhile Ben K, Evie, and Payton were singing songs in the back. After getting back to the gite, we went for some town time. Ben S got yelled at by a big French man while riding on a tour train. Lauren and Evie shared some macaroons, while Ben K bought the worlds largest meringue. Emory enjoyed ice cream, while Henry accidentally bought way too many grapes. Max and Aslan enjoyed watching Henry try to eat all the grapes. Michael bought a bucket worth of blueberries. After some down time, our cook crew made us some raviolis for dinner!

Payton, Aslan, Henry

July 27

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