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Alps Adventure: Day 11

Ciao parents!

Today we woke up at the crack of dawn, ready for the long day ahead. Today in the itinerary, canyoneering! Breakfast was, bread, cereal, fruits and eggs. After eating breakfast, we walked over to meet our guides, mentally preparing for the two hour drive. We split into two vans, one with Michael, Luke, Evie, Payton, Emory, and Lauren, and the other with Aslan, Max, Ben S, Henry, and Caleb. On the drive, we drove through a tunnel that passes underneath Mont Blanc, and crossed the boarder into Italy. As we neared the canyon, we gazed upon the beautiful Italian countryside and towns. Upon arrival, we suited up and had a short hike to the beginning of our adventure. To enter the canyon, you had to rappel down a massive, mammoth, meganourmus, majestic, magical cliff. Michael and Ben S were the first to rappel down, looking like Tom Cruise while doing so. Ben S got stuck on a ledge for a second, but recovered, while Michael had a relatively smooth landing, though scratched up his knuckles. Once everyone reached the bottom, we enjoyed cliff jumping. Caleb was hesitant at first, but vanquished his fear and took the leap of faith. While on our way to the first natural rock slide, we found Aslan’s helmet, which he dropped at the start. We all laughed as Payton slipped on every rock she stepped on, but miraculously kept her balance. Everyone was nervous as we approached a steep natural water slide, where we could not see the bottom due to a sharp turn. The drop at the end of the slide caught us by surprise, and we flew off with our arms flailing. Further in our canyoneering adventure, Evie, Lauren and Emory were brave enough to go down one of the water slides backwards. We finished off the trip with some cliff jumping and a short but steep hike back up the the parking lot. We devoured our lunch which was prepared by Michael, Max, and Aslan. And we were all impressed by Evie’s amazing lunch wrap. On the long drive home, Luke enjoyed sitting next to a guide named Jonathan, whose every 3rd phrase was a loud “Ya, man”. Jonathan also spent an hour and a half bopping his head in pit viper sunglasses to European disco music. While dinner was prepared by Henry, Max and Michael, we enjoyed BBQ chips accompanied by a game of Uno. Unfortunately Ben K had to miss canyoneering, but his highlight of the day was a lovely Japanese lunch in downtown Chamonix!

Ben S, Emory, Lauren

July 26

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