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Alps Adventure: Day 10

Hey everyone!

We got to sleep in relatively late today, to 7:15. Evie says that upon waking up, she nearly banged her head on the very low ceiling. We had breakfast and packed our bags, getting ready for the last day of the Tour du Mont Blanc! Before heading out, we were joined by Max and Caleb, who were feeling a bit tired yesterday. We walked for some time, until joined by the final members of our group, Evie and Ben K. We hiked another our or so, until we arrived at a helicopter rescue site, and got a tour of the helicopter and how it works. Aslan and Ben S took particular interest in the helicopter and wanted to learn more about what the rescue team does. We took some pictures, enjoyed croissants, and continued on the final leg of the TMB. Arriving back at the original gite felt hugely rewarding, and everyone was delighted to have finished a world famous backpacking trip! Right before saying goodbye to our amazing guides, we were given TMB Passports, which have a map of our journey. The rest of the day was comprised of grocery shopping, where Ben S successfully ran backwards up an escalator. After getting everything on the shopping list, Aslan tried a new type of Fanta, which he enjoyed. Luke got some strawberries as a personal snack, and Michael bought four large packs of blueberries as a personal snack, assuring the group he could eat all of them. After getting back to the gite, Henry helped organize the groceries. Up next on the to-do list was laundry, finally! Sadly no laundromat had enough space for all of us, so we had to split into two groups, and even had to have two people use the same machine. But when all was said and done it was a good time, with minimal mixing of clothes. Lauren and Evie went back early to prepare dinner, and Payton helped do their laundry for them. We also found a crepe stand, and seeing as we’re in France, felt obligated to indulge in the delicacy. On the walk back to the gite, Michael told a wild story of how he narrowly missed a flight home form Israel. For dinner we had chicken tacos, but had to eat inside due to rain. Until tomorrow,

Michael, Ben K, Max

July 25

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