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Alps Adventure: Day 1

Dear Life Givers,

Welcome to the last adult written blog. Starting tomorrow your lovely children will be writing riveting and wildly interesting recollections of our adventures. Airport day began with Evie arriving from Dublin (no jet lag for her). Caleb and Emory, coincidentally flew together from OKC. Luke, Ben S., And Evie accompanied Izzy to the grocery store for snacks. Ben K. And Peyton became besties on the flight. Some people played cards while others tossed Aslan’s tennis ball around. The crew split into two vans, one rocking heavy metal while the other competed in a whistling challenge. We arrived to our adorable gite and settled in. We took a walk to the grocery store passing a barbecue cook-off. Henry enjoyed shopping for drinks and pasta. After food shopping for a few days worth of ice cream, we ended up eating it all, with Max eating 2. Lauren figured out her camera and took a bunch of photos. Meanwhile, Michael has already blazed through one of his books, and realized he needs to buy more. We are supremely excited to get our adventure started. From hiking many miles to eating many treats, to life-long friendships being formed. This trip is bound to be unforgettable.

Izzy and Triston

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