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A Bittersweet Goodbye

Many words could be used to describe the past two weeks; wild, wacky, fun, joyful, challenging, empowering, community, friendship, beauty to name a few. But words can only encapsulate our experience so much, and there are many more relevant ones than just the few we list here. This trip was probably different for each and every one of us, whether you were a leader or a student, in Iceland or watching from home. As we finish this experience and make our way back to our separate places of comfort, one thing I’m sure of is that we will all reflect dearly on the past two weeks. Together, we’ve formed some incredible friendships and seen some really incredible places. Twelve high schoolers just backpacked one of the most renowned trails on the entire planet, something that few can claim at such an age. They also kayaked a glacial lagoon you might have seen on the cover of National Geographic, hiked on top of a glacier (while we still have them), and stood next to humpback whales. The students on this Iceland trip exhibited admirable levels of grit, enthusiasm, kindness, and gratitude, each and every one of them. They supported each other when the moments were uncomfortable, and laughed and put arms around each other when the moments were magnificent. It takes every one of us to make a Bold Earth trip like this this special, and your leaders would love to thank you for the roles all of you played. We saw firsthand how amazing the students on our trip were, but we know that they didn’t show up that way for no reason. From the bottom of our hearts thank you to those at home who got them there. To the friends and family and teachers and coaches who built up these students and put them in a position to experience Iceland with us. We think they got a lot of good out of it, and we know that we did too. As we move into the back ends of our summers we wish y’all the best and loveliest of times. We hope y’all enjoy having your families back together and are grateful you shared them with us, even for a brief wonderful moment. Our Iceland Fire and Ice trip was a smashing success, full of love, laughter, and growth, and we hope you can appreciate the hard work and care your children put into making it that. Thank you thank you thank you. We miss you already!! Stay in touch please, we hope to see you again next summer and maybe even before if we’re lucky!

Casey and Maddie

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