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Bold Earth Adventures

July 8th – Hawaii

Tyler, Brody, CJ and Parker woke up early to cook the group some hot breakfast of eggs and potatoes before packing up camp. After an hour of driving we arrived at the laundromat. We split up into groups of 2 to wash our dirty clothes. They then gave us our phones to call our parents to let them know we are still alive. Lily, CJ, Ruby, Parker, Tyler, Noa, Brody, Aphra, and Eloise got lunch at the taco place next door while our clothes were washing. We headed to Costco to get food for the next four days. The long shop made everyone so tired and we took naps on rice bags. Andrew was especially tired! Angela and Alex treated us to the food court after our long shop. On the ride to our new campsite, livia made friendship bracelets as we rid up the beautiful mountain. There was an abundant amount of mud at the new campsite! Everyone’s legs got pretty dang muddy! After throwing everything under the pavilion Angela and Alex took over dinner by making Hawaiian sliders for dinner before we get ready for bed and our big day tomorrow!

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