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7/23 Cali disco 2

Today we woke up at 7:30 and packed up camp then ate a rolling breakfast which is when we eat when we are done packing. After that we loaded up the van and set off on our 4 hour drive to the new campsite. In the middle of our drive we stoped at in and out. Henry, hadley, Charlotte, cooper, and kaya got milkshakes Connor and George got cokes and Alena and Edie got quesadillas from a nearby taco truck. Then we headed over to Safeway and got grocirces for the rest of the trip during our personal shop Abby and Anna got Starbucks strawberry açaí refreshers and Grey got jerky. We stopped in some other stores and Charlotte, Anna and Abby got some other cool things. After shopping we got back in the car for the other half of the car ride. We arrive to the camp sight and set up tarps to sleep under the stars for the night. Then we get to evening meeting to listen to our hero’s and highlights, next leader of the day, and who get hats. Then we all go to bed under the stars.

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