Summer is Coming!

Everyone at Bold Earth is getting stoked for summer! The weather is starting to warm up here in Colorado, and the Trip Advisor team is stoked.

Trips are filling up and looking GREAT. We could not be more excited for Summer 2015!

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Are you psyched for Bold Earth Summer 2015? We can’t wait to meet you!

Greek Odyssey: Culture, Beaches, and Mountains!

The Bold Earth Blog is a space to share information about our trips, camper written blogs and awesome summer adventures!

This summer Bold Earth is proud to offer our Greek Odyssey trip for motivated and excited youth. This trip offers an amazing cultural experience and adventure in a setting that you will not find anywhere else!  On Greek Odyssey Bold Earth campers will travel around with a small group of thirteen students and two leaders. We will see the sights and take full advantage of our time away from home!

Bold Earth Teen ADventures Exploring Greece!

Bold Earth in Athens!

Bod Earth has been offering Greek Odyssey for years, and year after year it is one of our highest rated trips!  On Greek Odyssey, you will learn about leadership and gain important travel skills that will last a lifetime. You and other campers will get to take the lead for planning and cooking meals on Greek Odyssey.  Bold Earth hires the best trip leaders in the business– instructors who are trained to be safe and help you along the way, but most importantly Bold Earth instructors love working with teens.

Bold Earth Greece

We sleep on this beach!!!

Greek Odyssey is the adventure of a lifetime, and we are happy to talk about all the details.  We want your experience signing up for Greek Odyssey to be easy and stress free. We are here to help answer questions seven days a week. Bold Earth Teen Adventures requires participants to compete a parent and a camper telephone interview as well as submit to adult references before going on Greek Odyssey.

Where does adventure, creativity and fun blend together seamlessly? Bold Earth! Bold Earth is safest, best summer, where playing music, bonding, and learning are the missions and goals. Adventure and the outdoors are the most important thing out there, and can put a new perspective on life.

Summer is a time to explore and is a time for learning, leadership and adventure. We are proud to offer a once-in-a-lifetime summer experience for teens from all 50 US States and over 55 countries worldwide.

To speak with a Bold Earth Teen Adventures director about a summer camp experience:

Call: 303-526-0806

Check out Greek Odyssey online: Greek Odyssey


Camper Blog Spotlight: Australia’s Best


Jul 9

Dear family and friends – News alert! Best day yet of Bold Earth Teen Adventures’ Australia’s Best just occurred today! I don’t know where to begin, but probably at the beginning is a good place to start:

A kangaroo!

New friends on Australia’s Best!

We woke up and had a scrumptious breakfast of toast and Australian cereal, which is like American cereal just without the sugar, yum! We then we were picked up at our beautiful hostel in the morning by our local Bold Earth Teen Adventures’ Aussie guide Andy, who is super cool and the nicest guy ever! He is the man and seems to know every thing there is to know about Australia (trust me, we asked him LOTS of questions).

We first journeyed to the rain forest outside the small village of Kuranda, where we met to volunteers for the Eco-institute and they led us into the rain forest to plant trees by the Barron River. They explained how the rain forest was all chopped down when the area was first settled, and that without trees there was massive erosion which washed soil into the ocean and hurt the reef. By planting trees we helped the reef which is awesome because we were just there! We planted 60 trees and named them all, and vowed to come back in 10 years to see the results of our work. We then headed to the village and ate an awesome lunch.

With full bellies, we headed to Wooroonooran National Park to explore Josephine falls and some natural rock water slides. Nice! We jumped into the icy but refreshing waters of Josephine falls, and played around on the natural water slides for hours, surrounded by ancient rain forest and great friends, nice!

Our drive back to Cairns we said goodbye to Andy, and headed to the hostel for showers. We are now at an Italian restaurant, eating delicious food and living the dream. Tomorrow we raft the Barron River and we can’t wait!!


Maxx, Morgan, Skyla, Melissa, Nick, Connor, Sam, Marie, Julie, Alexa, and Henry – aka “the Tiny Army” 

Costa Rica Classic 21: Spanish, Adventure and Culture!

Since 1976 Bold Earth has been offering amazing adventures for teens.  Costa Rica Classic 21 is our most popular trip in Costa Rica! This adventure includes the best of everything Costa Rica has to offer. Spanish, sailing, surfing, snorkeling, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, hot springs, community service, a home-stay… we could go on!  On Costa Rica Classic 21 Bold Earth campers will travel around with a small group of thirteen students and two leaders– the perfect group size!

Costa Rica Bold Earth Teen Adventures

Bold Earth does Costa Rica!

Bold Earth jumping!

Jumping for joy!

The Bold Earth website is THE place to be for information. Check out Costa Rica Classic 21 online here: Costa Rica Classic 21

Visit Bold Earth Teen Adventures Costa Rica Classic 21 Page for MORE information!

Summer is a time to explore! Summer can be a time for learning, leadership and adventure. We are proud to offer a once-in-a-lifetime summer experience for teens from all 50 US States and over 55 countries worldwide.

Give us a call to talk SUMMER! 303-526-0806

Camper Blog Spotlight: Fiji Dive Service

Every Bold Earth trip has a blog to keep family & friends updated at home while we are on our summer adventures! Here is a blog from last summer’s Fiji Dive Service trip.
Jul 16

Bold Earth Blogger of the Day: Wilson

Bold Earth

PADI in Fiji

Hey! it’s Wilson and this is my second time being a Bold Earth Leader of the Day.

Today everybody woke up as the sun rose again. still groggy, people lingered into the living area to have a light breakfast since the deck was wet from overnight rain. This meal was especially important for people like Ellie, Molly and Alex who were about to experience their first ever real dives!

Summer PADI Dive Camp

Learning how to dive in Fiji!

We split into two Bold Earth groups for morning diving at Rainbow Reef – named one of the worlds top ten diving sights. It was incredible to see all of the sea life – vibrant coral, hundreds of different kinds if fish, lobsters, clams, squid. Everywhere you look there is a diverse array of aquatic life!

After everyone finished their amazing morning dive session, we all enjoyed a hearty, hot, second breakfast. before we knew it, the Tui Tai was docked ashore and there were taxis waiting for us to go on a land adventure.

A brief hike showed us to an amazing natural water slide which was flowing with people and refreshing fresh water. We also drove to the international time line where we time traveled and all developed confusion induced headaches. Our last half hour or so on solid ground was spent at a general store shopping for snacks and souvenirs.

Later in the afternoon, campers with experience went for another dive while the rat of the group had fun snorkeling. This was, of course, after cheeseburgers were served for lunch and Ahmed found himself in heaven.

As the day progressed, everyone with little energy relaxed, napped or drank caffeine.

On the evening, the advanced divers – Blake, Aya, Skyla, Parker, Hännah and Jeff – went for a night dive in the dark and had a great, cold time. the others watched a movie on the ship. we finished the day with a nice dinner and our nightly meeting.

And finally, the update you all have been waiting for. Still in our game of Assassin are:

Larry (Tui tai guest)
Melissa (Tui tai guest)

Names and assignments will be reassigned tomorrow as the pool is now so small. There will be a winner soon!

Your Bold Earth Blogger,


Want more Fiji Dive Service? Check it out here: Fiji Dive Service



Camper Blog Spotlight: Grand Canyon 15

Every Bold Earth trip has a camper written blog to update friends and family on our summer adventures!
Jul 14

Bold Earth Blogger of the Day: Alex


After a slow morning the group started off the day happily with bagels filled with Nutella and Peanut Butter (prepared by the wonderful cook crew).


We then ventured off to visit yet another spectacular waterfall! (Navajo Falls) We swam, splashed and even jumped through the falls! We ate another great meal (summer sausage, string cheese and crackers) and laid out on the rock to sunbathe. While some of us sunbathed others decided to be more daring and jump off the small rock we were sitting on into the water… It made for nice pictures! We then took a scenic stroll to the “New Navajo Falls” where we swam and the boys jumped off rocks!


A group of us went back to our favorite hub (Havasu Falls) and cooled off in the water, took advantage of the tables stationed in the falls (Claire, Lily and I fell asleep on top of them while sunbathing) and jumped off the rocks! (I’ve concluded that this group loves jumping off rocks)

Afterwards we headed back to camp to pack up, eat and prepare for the last hike! The cook crew put a tremendous amount of effort into our meal of Macaroni and Cheese with a side of mashed potatoes! We then began our hike out of the heaven that is Havasu Falls! We hike out at night so that it is not so hot.



The hike started off hard, we were walking uphill, in the sand, in the dark, but we all made it through! It was awesome wearing out headlamps. Once we hit flat ground we were a lot happier and enjoyed pointing out what we remembered from the hike up! Once we hit the switchbacks we were all filled with mixed emotions (happiness because we were close, but we were also EXTREMELY tired and knew the hike up would not be the most relaxing). We started making our way up, the first five to reach the top were Ilan, Claire, Paul, Asher and Lily! The rest all quickly followed and we all scavenged for food like wild animals, growling and all but biting people for the crisps and donuts we had left as motivation from before Havasu!

Once we were all happily consumed in our “food coma’s” we headed to bed near the van, and even slept through the crazy wind that was going on!

Overall it was an amazing day!

- Alex Z

Awesome blog, Alex!! Want more Grand Canyon 15? Check it out here: Grand Canyon 15



Best of the West: Bold West!

Since 1976 Bold Earth has been offering amazing adventures for teens.  We are excited to offer Bold West, one of our most popular trips!

Bold Earth Teen Adventures

Super excited about Bold West!


Our American West adventure begins in Zion National Park, home to towering red cliffs and river-carved canyons. Professional guides teach us the skills for rock climbing as we push our limits in a challenging yet safe environment! We then cool off in the Virgin River for an amazing water-hike through a canyon called The Narrows. Zion is an epic place to begin Bold Earth’s USA Teen Trip!


Fresh from the desert, we explore the entertainment capital of the world! We’ll ride the adrenaline-pumping roller coaster at the New York New York Hotel, see the Lion Habitat at the MGM Grand and experience a show by Cirque Du Soleil! Our two-night stay in Las Vegas gives us a great taste of the city before we head into the remote, breathtaking wilderness of California. Leaving the wilderness for two days, the lights of Las Vegas are a must see on any USA teen trip! Bold Earth’s Bold West is not your average teen tour – the perfect balance of cities and adventure!

Bold Earth big time!



Sequoia National Park is our next stop as we hike amongst some of the earth’s oldest and largest trees. In Yosemite National Park, we swim in crystal-clear rivers and hike to iconic vistas. On the American River, our two-day whitewater rafting trip is one of the top-rated activities we offer! Before heading toward the coast, community service among the Redwoods gives us a chance to give back to this essential ecosystem. Yosemite & Sequoia are two must visit destinations on any California teen tours.


Moving toward the Pacific, we learn to surf in beautiful Santa Cruz! Surrounded by lush Redwood forests, this quintessential California beach town boasts a boardwalk amusement park, great waves and a laid-back vibe. Each day of surfing ends with beach bonfires and s’mores under the incredible stars of Northern California. We end in San Francisco, with the Golden Gate Bridge, historic Alcatraz and Fisherman’s Wharf as final memories of the American West summer of a lifetime!

Summer is a time to explore! Summer can be a time for learning, leadership and adventure. We are proud to offer a once-in-a-lifetime summer experience for teens from all 50 US States and over 55 countries worldwide.

For more Bold West, check out the Bold Earth website: Bold West


Camper Blog Spotlight: Thailand’s Best

Every Bold Earth trip has a camper written blog! Here we spotlight awesome camper blogs from last summer.

July 21

Today we woke up to the smell of breakfast being prepared. We got to munch on eggs, toast, peanut butter, pineapple, watermelon and some of us even drank hot chocolate.

At 8:30 am, half of the Bold Earth team decided that we were up to the challenge of a two hour hike. We trekked through more jungle and bamboo forests. We finally reached a breathtaking view of a waterfall that we all got to jump in and swim around in!! It was incredibly refreshing. We felt like the luckiest group of people alive. we also had a Thai dog named “Pipol” follow us the whole way.

Anyway, we all packed back into the Bold Earth van and spent about another 20 minutes bouncing down the road before stopping for snacks. There was a small Thai shop on the side of the road that was about the equivalent of one of those little stores at gas stations in America. It was a wonderful feeling, stopping for snacks. I don’t think enough people appreciate how glorious it really is. Especially on this incredible trip where everything is culturally sooooo different. It was like we had just stumbled upon the treasure trove of delectable snackage from heaven.

After the lifesaving snack stop, we continued on the road to our next destination: the Elephant Training Facility!!!! We crossed a long bridge over a river before reaching the elephants we were to be traveling upon for approximately half an hour. We rode on chairs on the elephant’s backs in pairs, crossing hills as well as wading through a river (the elephants, not us; thankfully we were not required to get out and push). I was riding with Mikayla on the second elephant in the caravan behind Becca and Anna. Both pairs were taking quite a few Bold Earth pictures of each other throughout the ride. Mikayla and my elephant’s driver was singing in Thai and picking leaves off of the trees. When everyone in the group was shouting “Oh my God!” When going up a hill, our driver said “Oh my Buddha!” with the heavy Thai accent and everything. That had me smiling for a few minutes after.

Thailand Summer Teen Trip

After we returned to the starting point, we dismounted the elephants. At the end of the ride, Becca’s shoe fell off the top of the elephant onto the ground. Before she could retrieve it, Mark and Karen’s elephant picked it up off the ground with its trunk and handed it to the driver, who in turn passed it to Mark who finally delivered it back to Becca. AMAZING!

We downed some pad thai in a classic Bold Earth lunch before heading off to the bamboo rafts. It was the equivalent of a lazy river ride, very relaxing and nice. The man steering the boat let each of us take the long bamboo stick he was using to steer and try propelling the boat by ourselves. We declared Anya the master Bold Earth steer-er. Towards the end of the ride, Lauren, Mikayla, Jackson, Anya and I laid down on the raft and put the straw hats over our faces. We talked about what we will do tomorrow to help the orphans at the Bold Earth evening meeting, and we are all relaxing now.



Want more Thailand’s Best? Check out the Bold Earth website: Thailand’s Best

Camper Blog Spotlight: Ultimate Alaska


Jul 7

Bold Earth Blogger of the Day: Angie M

I woke the group up this morning at 6:30am with a mission to eat breakfast and get ready for sea kayaking by 7:45 am. Turns out, it was easy because we have an amazing group who are eager to make the most of every day together.

Our hard working cook crew (Thomas, David, Sammy, and Maria) diligently prepared cereal and bagels for us.

We got ready just in time and after an entire six minutes of driving, our ecstatic group arrived at the Kayak Adventures Worldwide center. There we split up into three kayaking groups. Sam, Fionn, Thomas, and Oleg were in one group. David, Atticus, Andrew, Erin, Joaquin, and Max were in another. Lastly, the my group which consisted of Maria, Sofia, Gillian and I. The crazy awesome kayaking guides equipped us with life jackets and spray skirts before teaching us safety procedures and basic kayaking skills.

As we began to kayak we were greeted by calm waves and the sound of chirping birds. We kayaked for about 5 miles of breathtaking views before stopping to take a little hike and eat some lunch (cooked by our wonderful kayaking guides). Kayaking back, we witnessed Alaskan wild life such as seals, sea otters, porpoise, eagles, jellyfish and flying fish. The sea water was vivid teal in color, and the mountains and fog made the scenery look like the page of a travel magazine. Gillian and I sang sea chants the entire way back.

A couple miles later we were back on dry land feeling accomplished and tired. Sofia, who was feeling a little sea sick, immediately felt better as we reached the shore. We cleaned out our kayaks and said thank you to our guides for the last time. Then we drove back to the K.A.W. center to browse through the gift shop. (We got free stickers!) It was sad saying bye to our professional kayak guides.

When we arrived at the campsite everyone was tired and hungry from a long day of paddling. Luckily, tons of snacks were available for us to devour. Sammy got creative and jammed a strawberry into a marshmallow while Max scoffed down several M&Ms at a time. (Don’t worry parents, we eat healthy most of the time I promise.)

Afterwards, some went to play ultimate frisbee. Oleg, Sofia and I stayed to read books. Then, cook crew began to make trail pizza, a personal favorite of mine. Later on Ian and I got into a pretty heated battle about the subject (trail pizza) and its proper preparation which ended in a mutual learning experience. For dessert we had cupcakes, which eventually led to a full on battle when Ian shoved a cupcake in Atticus’ face. Soon Fionn, Thomas and Erin were involved, but ended with everyone laughing and having a great time.

We finally ended our day with a nightly meeting at the edge of Resurrection Bay, to conclude our last evening on the shoreline before heading back north into the mountains. What a glorious end to a great day!

- Angie

Camper Blog Spotlight: Peru Machu Picchu


Jul 20

From Bold Earth blogger of the day, Marie Leduc

This morning we woke up around 7:30 to eat breakfast at 8:00. The food was, once again, delicious. Just before this Bold Earth crew left, I played four square with Ben, Hank and Preston. Zach then made a thank you speech to the cooks and to all the instructors. It was very touching and the cooking lady seemed touched.

We then left for the capitol of Peru, Lima. Our last bus ride all together! On the bus Preston and I talked the whole time.

Once we arrived in Lima, we all got our favorite Peruvian sandwiches. We then took a short ride to the central plaza in Lima, where we took our last pictures together. We all laughed a ton together over many things including the brotherhood of the walrus.

We also took in the beautiful sights of downtown Lima. Gordie, Julia, Reed, Kelsey, Ryan, Jake, Jules and I all got interviewed by Peruvian students who were studying English. It was really fun! I think remembering all of our memories during the interviews made us a little nostalgic of our Bold Earth trip.

After dancing to the sound of drums with balloons (there was a lot going on in the plaza since their Independence Day is less than a week away) we came back to the hotel where we got ready for dinner.

Our last dinner was amazing! We went to a fancy restaurant called Panchita and had a great time all together. After dinner, we all went back to the hotel where we had our last meeting. Our leaders had prepared a nice surprise for us; they bought us all handmade bracelets that we each gave to one other person in the group that had been important to us during the trip.

Our Bold Earth leader of the day, Ben, started with the first bracelet and gave it to me. I gave mine to Julia, Julia gave hers to Jake and so on until everyone received one. It was a very meaningful moment. Thank you Ryan, Kelsey and Manuel for such a cool idea. We then made our sad goodbyes to Preston, Charlie, Ben, Zach, Hank, Julia and Gordie as they all had to leave very early in the morning. I can say it has been a truly life changing 21 days that none of us will ever forget!

-Marie and the amazing Bold Earth – PERU1A family